What Are Christian Salutations?

Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

A salutation is an honorable greeting. Christian salutations are formalities of politeness and often have deeper meanings. They are a way of expressing personal respect, asking politely about another’s welfare and speaking a blessing over another person. These salutations are used to foster good relationships and maintain personal contact.

Examples of Christian salutations include “Grace to you and peace,” “Go in peace” and “The Lord be with you.”

In Bible history, different forms of Christian salutations were used. They were either spoken, written or expressed in practice, which involved kneeling, kissing or embracing. Early Christians performed salutations by either bowing to the ground several times or by kissing one another.

Catholics use numerous salutations associated with the virtue of religion, which involves the glory and worship of God. These greetings often acknowledge the position of a fellow worshipper. For instance, when addressing the Pope, Catholics use salutations such as “Most Holy Father” or “Your Holiness”, while bowing down.

Early Christians also used salutations in letters. For instance, the apostle Paul in his letters always began with a salutation that included the words “Grace to you and peace.” According to Bible.org, this salutation is meant to indicate unmerited favor bestowed as a gift from God.