How Do You Choose a Suitable Color From the Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color Chart?

You can choose a suitable color from the Nice ‘N Easy hair color chart by using the myShade tool on Clairol’s website. The tool provides possible shades to choose from based on several factors.

Visit the Clairol home page, and place the cursor over Hair Color Products. On the drop down menu that appears next, click on Nice ‘N Easy. Click on Find Your Shade, and then click on Let’s Get Started to use the myShade tool.

The tool begins by asking questions about your hair, including the amount of gray hairs, type of hair, the dryness of your hair and any non-color chemical treatments you’ve recently applied. It then asks questions about your hair coloring history, specifically how often you color it, recent color treatments you’ve done, what Nice ‘N Easy products you are considering and your hair’s color. You can upload a photo of yourself or choose a model with your hair color. If you select a model, you can then adjust the model’s hair shade, skin color and eye color as necessary. The tool provides possible shades you can try and lets you see how that shade looks on the model.

The Nice ‘N Easy product line includes a color blend foam, a root touch up product and a color seal conditioner, as of 2015.