How Do You Choose the Right Size Lasagna Pan?

Two size considerations for lasagna pans are depth and recipe volume. A 9-by-13-inch baking pan is adequate to cook enough pasta for two to four people, but traditional pans of that size tend to be shallow at around 2 inches deep. A pan that is too shallow results in sauce bubbling over, and it also limits the lasagna stuffing and number of layers. Look for 2.5-inch deep or deeper pans for lasagnas with multiple layers to prevent sauce spillovers.

A large roasting pan holds enough lasagna for a large family or reception. Roasting pans are deep enough to hold multiple layers of noodles and generous filling with plenty of capacity for bubbling pasta sauce and melting cheese.

Lasagna bakeware ranges from 5-by-8-inch rectangular pans that are ideally ceramic, ovenproof glass, enameled cast iron or stoneware to full-size roasters that have the capacity to hold a turkey. However, metal roasting pans may react to the acid in tomato sauce, which can discolor or dissolve their finish.

An oven-to-table pan is a practical choice for making lasagna. Many ceramic and cast iron baking pans are attractive enough to serve from, and a glass pan is fine for a casual table. Additionally, rectangular pans are easier to fit noodles into than oval or circular pans. When using square pans that are small and deep, cut the lasagna noodles to fit before boiling them.