Is Chocolate Considered Candy?

According to the Hershey Company, chocolate is a type of candy. Furthermore, defines candy as anything made with sugar or syrup. Since one or both are frequently added in the process of making chocolate, it fits the definition of candy.

Such an ambiguous definition makes candy an umbrella term that can be used to define many things. Technically, anything sweetened with sugar or syrup can be classified as candy. Chocolate is also frequently combined with other non-candy items, such as nuts or fruit, in order to make them candy. Hershey, however, labels all of its non-chocolate items as “sugar confectionery.”

The category “candy and confectionery” includes candy of all sorts and types. Examples of candies are popcorn, nuts, and other products in combination with sugar, chocolate or honey, such as peanut brittle or cotton candy.

Chocolate is made up of various ingredients such as cocoa butter, vanilla, sugar, cocoa liquor and sometimes milk. The flavor of chocolate varies depending on the ingredients and preparation.