What Do Chileans Wear?

Aldo Murillo/E+/Getty Images

Chilean clothing largely mirrors attire worn by western nations, although women dress relatively conservatively and men wear clothing in dark colors. As in other nations around the world, Chileans wear different types of clothing for different circumstances, such as work and at home. Additionally, younger Chileans dress in modern styles; younger women wear skirts and dresses for parties and outings, while young men dress in jeans and casual shirts.

Chilean clothing varies depending on age as well as geographic location. Chileans in rural areas still wear traditional Chilean clothing, while city-dwellers and urban residents adopt modern clothing styles. Traditional Chilean clothes include chamantos (decorated ponchos), chupallas (classic hats) and flowered dresses worn by women for dancing to the Chilean national dance. Chamantos are made of silk or wool and feature a variety of decorations, including flowers, grains and crops like wheat and barley, the national flower or images of birds. Chamantos have two sides: one contains darker colors and the other lighter tones. Men and women living in the country wear traditional hats made of rice or wheat. Women sport colorful dresses covered with floral patterns and accessorized with white aprons and handkerchiefs for dancing. In the cities, younger Chileans follow fashion trends, although Chilean clothing for both genders feature modest and conservative designs.