How Do You Find Child Support Cases Using Public Record Search Tools?

Information about child support cases are confidential and individuals can only access them using public record if they are available through the county recorder’s office, according to the California Department of Child Support Services. Some counties provide specific legal information through court records, such as the Orange County Clerk of Courts.

In some states, information about child support cases, including payment information, due or outstanding balances, and legal case status, is confidential to the individuals involved in the case, according to the Virginia Department of Social Services. Some states only allow parents to view, update and modify information about employment and finances for active child support cases. For example, the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement provides access to payment history records and case status through a MyCase online system.

Most states require parents and legal officials to have authorization to view child support case information. However, when such a case is before the court, the names of the petitioner and respondent as well as the names of the attorneys involved in the case are included in the public record. The case records from the county clerk’s office as well as details of the hearings and dispositions are available as part of public record as the Orange County Clerk of Courts indicates.