How Do You Get a Chelsea Houska Inspired Hair Color?

The two ways to get a Chelsea Houska-inspired hair color are to visit a professional salon or to buy hair dye and do the coloring at home. Both methods are feasible, but the home method does not guarantee the correct results.

A hair salon is the most practical way to get the right Chelsea Houska-style hair color. After a photo with one of her hair colors has been chosen, a visit with a salon can be scheduled to request the color. A good hairdresser can easily select the right combination of hair dye to produce the correct results. If the hair color does not perfectly match, the stylist should re-dye until it does.

The other option is to purchase hair dye from a box in a color that most closely matches Chelsea Houska’s hair in order to do the work at home. It is important to consider that hair dye looks different depending on the original hair color. Anyone with very dark hair might want to consider getting it bleached before applying the dye.

Chelsea often wears her hair in two styles, including cherry red and ash blond, although she sometimes dyes her hair brown. Any of these colors is an appropriate one to pick when choosing a hair color inspired by her.