How Do I Check My Verizon Email?

Use any computer Web browser to check your Verizon email. To use this method, you need an Internet-ready computer, a Web browser and your Verizon account information. You can also use your Verizon phone application to check your email on the go.

  1. Open a browser

    Log in to an Internet-ready computer, and open the default Web browser. Open a new tab in incognito mode if you prefer to hide your browsing history and input details.

  2. Navigate to Verizon webmail

    Type the Verizon webmail address in the browser URL field. Press Enter on the keyboard to open the sign-in page.

  3. Sign in to your account

    Enter your Verizon online username and password in the provided text fields. Do not check the option to stay signed in to your account. Click Sign In, or press Enter or Return on the keyboard, depending on whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac.

  4. Check your email

    Preview and read any new emails in your inbox. Compose and send new emails using the on-screen options. Verizon does not recommend using Outlook or another email program to check your email, as it does not provide an option to read emails you have already viewed.

  5. Log out of your account

    After reading your emails, sign out of your account. Click the X button on your browser to terminate the session.