How Do You Check the Status of Social Security Payments?

You can check the status of Social Security payments online through services provided by the Social Security Administration’s website. After applying for benefits, visit the Social Security website, and register for the My Social Security account to check the status of payments.

To view Social Security statements, visit the Social Security Administration’s website, and click Sign In or Create an Account. Select Create an Account on the subsequent page, and follow the instructions provided. You must verify information by providing your Social Security number, date of birth, email address and mailing address.

After verifying the information, enter your username and password on the login screen to sign into your Social Security account. This online dashboard provides all the pertinent information associated with your Social Security benefits, including detailed statements and payment receipts. You can view the status of your application and payments at any time through this online service.

You can also appeal a previously rendered decision through your online account. In addition to viewing your payment status online, you can also contact the Social Security Administration by telephone, regular mail or by visiting your local Social Security office. Contact information associated with the Social Security office is located on the Social Security Administration’s website.