How Do You Check Your Status on the Section 8 Waitlist?

The method used to check Section 8 housing waitlist status varies by housing authority district, so applicants should inquire at local offices. Some public housing agencies use WaitlistCheck, an online database that requires a username and password to access. Some cities provide a secure portal for viewing waitlist verification.

Public housing agency websites typically offer information on how to check your waitlist status for Section 8 housing. Housing Works of Oregon provides this information on its Check My Status section of the waitlist page via a link to WaitlistCheck. Alternatively, the New York Housing Authority provides status check information via its own website portal. Individuals can also log in to view briefing and interview dates. A Social Security number is required to access Section 8 housing information online.

Housing authorities usually offer an open enrollment period for Section 8 housing vouchers for a limited period of time, and many applicants end up on a waitlist. The length of time applicants remain on the waitlist depends on the amount of available housing and preferences established by the local housing authority. Homeless families and those residing in substandard housing get priority placement. Priority is also given to families experiencing involuntary displacement and those paying over 50 percent of their incomes towards rent. Applicants for Section 8 housing should expect long waiting periods.