How Do You Check the Status of a Parking Ticket in NYC?

kdingo/CC-BY-SA 2.0

To check the status of a parking ticket in New York City, visit the NYC eService Center, select Parking/Camera Violations, and search for pending violations. You can check the status of a parking ticket by violation number or vehicle plate number, according to the NYC eService Center.

New York City maintains an online portal that enables residents to view summons and payment statuses of parking tickets and to locate towed vehicles. To check the status of a parking ticket, find the ticket number or number plate of the vehicle involved in a traffic violation, states You can check or pay for parking tickets by accessing the NYC eService Center and entering these details in the search criteria. Alternatively, you can wait for the state to mail parking ticket notices to the address you provided the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Department of Finance of New York City collects and processes payments for parking and camera violations in the state. Through its online portal, the Department allows residents to search, view and print copies of tickets, reports NYC Finance. Recipients of parking tickets must respond to the tickets within 30 days of issue. The online portal also allows residents to request hearings for parking violations, notes the NYC eService Center.