How Do You Check Spelling for Free Online?

To check your spelling for free online, visit a spellchecking website such as SpellBoy, or download the Grammarly extension for your browser. SpellBoy features a simple copy-paste footprint that’s simple to use, while Grammarly offers a more extensive service that also checks for sentence grammar and punctuation.

To use SpellBoy, you must enter or copy and paste the text you wish to check into the spellchecker box and then click the Check Spelling button. SpellBoy highlights any misspelled words in the text with a wavy red line. Click on the misspelled words to find the words’ likely spellings. Select the right word from the list by clicking on the word. Alternatively, type in another word in the Alternative box to insert a different spelling into the text.

To use Grammarly, visit, and click on the Get Grammarly button. The website automatically detects your browser during your visit and presents you with the proper extension for adding Grammarly to your browser. Once you add the Grammarly extension, Grammarly automatically checks your posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, noting any spelling or grammar errors. It also checks your emails and forum posts as you compose them, instantly fixing 250 types of errors and alerting you to other potential errors for correction. If you purchase the full version of the service, you can upload documents for spelling and grammar checks.