How Do You Check Your Parking Ticket History Online?

Images by Fabio/Moment/Getty Images

You can check your history of outstanding parking tickets on your city government website, with New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego being among the cities offering online outstanding ticket history. Many of these cities also provide a means for you to pay your parking tickets online.

To view your outstanding tickets on the New York city website, go to the NYCServ E-Service Center, click on the Parking/Camera Violations drop-down menu and choose Check Parking Ticket Status. After clicking Go, the website then asks you to enter the violation number to pull up the ticket.

The website of the City of Chicago enables you to look up and pay for up to 10 outstanding parking tickets. Hit the Ticket Number(s) drop-down tab, and enter your ticket numbers. Click Continue to pull up ticket information.

You can look up your Los Angeles tickets by single ticket numbers, whereas San Francisco allows you to locate tickets by license plate or citation number for personal vehicles and citation number for rentals. San Francisco also enables you to pay online with your credit or debit card.

San Diego’s ticketing Web application continuously updates the statuses of your parking tickets. Each entry includes amount due, status of appeal (if any) and photos of the incident.