How Do You Check an OWCP Claim Status?

You can check an OWCP status by accessing the web bill processing portal through the Department of Labor Office of Workers’ Compensation. You can also find out the conditions on which your claim was accepted through this portal.

When accessing the processing portal to check your OWCP status, you are also able to check on the status of your medical bill submission for the FECA program, your medical bill inquiry, your eligibility inquiry and your medical authorization request for FECA and DEEOIC programs. You can also check on your medical authorization inquiry and the status of your provider payment inquiry.

You also have the ability to check your eligibility, bill status, and medical authorization injury functionality at the Voice Response system. To access this system, you must dial 866-335-8319, as of 2015. In order to speak with a live customer service representative in order to discuss a bill or reimbursement issue, you can call the toll free number at 844-493-1966 as of 2015. This option is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The Department of Labor website has a section of Frequently Asked Questions where you can find more information on submitting claims and medical documentation to verify your claims.