How Do I Check the Ink Level in My Epson Printer?

Epson printers are connected to a program installed on your computer called the Epson Status Monitor. After it is installed, you can use it to check the ink levels of your printer using your desktop or laptop computer.

In Windows 10, open the Start menu and select the Control Panel. In the upper right hand corner of the Control Panel, change the View By field to Category. Next click on View Devices and Printers under the category Hardware and Sound. You should then be able to select the Epson printer and view the Epson Status Monitor. The Status Monitor shows the current ink levels in the printer, as well as any paper jams or internal printer issues.

On a Mac, first select System Preferences, then select either Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers and Scanners, and your Epson printer should appear. Select it, then click on Options & Supplies. From there, select Utility, then Open Printer Utility to see the Epson Status Monitor. From the status monitor you will be able to monitor ink levels and any other printer issues.