How Do You Check Gucci Serial Numbers?

Picture Courtesy: [ktphotography/Pixabay]

Gucci products are popular with fashion enthusiasts thanks to their impeccable quality, well-known label, iconic status, and classic designs. This, of course, comes at a steep cost, with handbags typically costing several thousand dollars each. Some Gucci fans purchase their goods secondhand to secure better prices, or to procure coveted, hard-to-find and vintage items. 

However, when purchasing a pre-owned Gucci product, it’s important to confirm its authenticity. Examining the serial numbers on the item is one way to verify that it’s the real deal. To check the serial numbers, search for a tag attached to the product that has the serial numbers listed.

How to Find the Serial Number

Gucci serial numbers are found on many of the company’s products, including their handbags, wallets, and shoes. The placement depends on the product. For handbags, you should find the serial number on a square or a rectangular leather patch that’s sewn to the inside of the bag. The numbers are located at the top of the tag, which is not sewn to the purse at all sides. 

For wallets, look in the interior of the wallet under one of the credit card slips. These serial numbers are often tricky to locate because they blend so well into the wallet’s material. Most authentic Gucci watches have the serial number on the back of the watch. 

Your Guide to Reading the Serial Number

Your Gucci purse, wallet, or watch should have a serial number. If you don’t see one at all, this is often a sign that the product is fake (at least for more modern Gucci products). Unfortunately, the presence of a serial number isn’t always an indicator that the product is real, as it’s possible to put fake serial numbers on counterfeit products. 

Once you’ve spotted the serial number, it needs a thorough examination to determine if it’s a real serial number. The serial numbers should have a classic, non-modern font with an appearance that appears uniform throughout. There also shouldn’t be any letters in the serial number. Modern products split the serial number over two rows. Numbers range between 10 and 13 digits.

How to Use an Outside Source to Confirm the Serial Number

The greatest advantage of finding a serial number in your Gucci product is that you can use the number to check that the product is real. There are a few ways to confirm the authenticity of the product using a serial number. 

One option is to contact Gucci directly to verify that the serial number is authentic. Note that this alternative doesn’t verify the authenticity of the bag, but it confirms that the serial number is valid. Theoretically, it’s possible to put a real serial number on a counterfeit product. 

You can also use an online service that authenticates luxury items using the serial number and several photographs of the item. Another alternative is to take the item in-person to an individual that authenticates luxury products. 

Exceptions for Vintage Products 

The Gucci brand was established in 1921. Vintage products may have serial numbers that look nothing like the serial numbers on more modern products. Some old products may lack serial numbers entirely. Others may have a two-digit serial number or incorporate dashes and periods into the serial number.  

Other Tips for Verifying the Authenticity of Gucci Products

You need to look at the Gucci product as a whole to determine absolutely authenticity. Gucci products are well-constructed and boast even stitching and workmanship. Everything on the product should feel sturdy and high quality. The G for the Gucci logo should have a rounded shape similar to an O or a C. A “made in Italy” stamp should appear somewhere on the product. If this stamp reads any other country, the product isn’t authentic.