How Do You Check Your Driver’s License Status for Free?

You can check the status of your driver’s license for free by calling the Motor Vehicle Report. Alternatively, you can visit the Department of Motor Vehicles’ website and obtain valuable information for free.

While some websites advertise free access to a driver’s license status, these services are not always reliable. For example, a site may only provide limited information and ask you to pay a certain amount of money to access specific details. When you visit the MVR website, a form requests you to select the state from which you intend to retrieve information. This is because each vehicle is usually registered under a department within the state’s government. In fact, the laws surrounding the issuance and maintenance of drivers’ licenses vary from one state to another. Here, you can find information about the driving status, expiration of driver’s license and suspensions.

Similarly, the site lists information regarding endorsements, classifications and other vital data surrounding the driver’s license. Apart from the status, a driver can also access vital records, such as court records, criminal records, vehicle history reports, public records, background checks and credit reports. Most state governments impose a small fee for drivers who want to check their driver’s license status, get a MVR report or access a license lookup.