What Are the Cheats for “Pinch Hitter 2”?

To enter the major leagues in “Pinch Hitter 2,” enter code 37HY44LM. For an easy way to beat Task 2, players should move their characters far to the right. This causes the balls they hit not to go very far, but they are guaranteed to make a hit. For an easy way to build up points, get an x2 multiplier and hit a home run, resulting in 8,000 points.

“Pinch Hitter 2” is a Flash game that gamers can play right in their Web browsers without having to download the game. It was developed by Mousebreaker and involves players trying to make it from playing baseball in a sandlot to playing in the major leagues. To progress in the game, players need to complete certain tasks which get more difficult as the game progresses.

The goal for Mousebreaker when developing “Pinch Hitter 2” was to develop a game that people of all ages could play. This is why “Pinch Hitter 2” has simple controls that are operated using only the mouse. Players can move their characters around the batting box using their computer mouse. Clicking the left mouse button makes the character swing the bat. The rest of the game comes down to timing and player placement.