What Are the Cheat Codes for Storm the House 3?

There are several cheats to use while playing Storm the House 3, including cheats for god mode (code: die another day), unlimited ammunition (code: from Russia with love), unlimited money (code: diamonds are forever) and access to all weapons (code: the world is not enough). Some of the cheats also seem to have no bearing on the general outcome of the game, such as the Fisty McBeef punch and the moonraker cheat that makes the enemies do the moonwalk.

To toggle the cheats, select Cheats on the main menu and type the codes for the preferred cheats. Additional codes include:

  • Full wall: live and let die
  • Shorter days: the living daylights
  • Unlimited life: healing the base
  • More tower slots: octopussy
  • Fisty McBeef punch: goldfinger
  • Make the enemies do the moonwalk: moonraker

Storm the House 3 is a free online Flash-based shooting game created by Case Hollingsworth, who did the art and programming, and Robbie Lee, who did the animation. The game, released in October 2008, used Flash CS3 in Actionscript 2 as part of its development. Storm the House 3 is a tower defense-type game where the player tries to defend his house using a variety of weapons, defense towers and walls.