What Are Some Cheat Codes for “Nitro Type”?

As of 2015, “Nitro Type” does not allow the usage of cheat codes by players of the game and warns or bans any account that is caught using them. To earn various in-game resources, such as cars, nitros and money, players need to race one another inside the game. In addition to cheating, Nitro Type players can also be banned from the game if they abuse the website’s support form or use an offensive user name.

Players in the same “Nitro Type” race are not able to chat directly with one another. The website provides pre-defined messages that players can send to one another. The lack of a live chat function is due to school restrictions on students, which make up a significant user base for the game.

Players race one another in “Nitro Type” by typing out a pre-set phrase at the fastest speed possible. The game connects players from around the world and is designed to help improve an individual’s typing skills. Registered “Nitro Type” users can unlock new car models and keep a track of their score on the platform. As of 2015, “Nitro Type” is a free game, and non-users can join races as a guest.