What Are the Cheat Codes for “CycloManiacs?”

Cheat codes for “CycloManiacs” include turning on low gravity by entering code CHEESE or turning on super gravity with code GERBIL. Other codes that work for “CycloManiacs” are turning on auto boost by entering ELVIS and giving the player a Haddock costume with HADDOCK. Each of these cheat codes can be turned on in the Enter Cheat Codes option in the main menu.

To get a quick start, players can press the up arrow on the keyboard just before the word “Go” appears at the start of the race. For a normal boost in the game, players need to fill up their trick meter by performing tricks. Once the meter is full, the players are rewarded with a boost. The easiest way to fill up the trick meter is with Farty Pants or Sir Colin. These characters spin much easier than the others, and players can pull off a front flip by simply rotating forward while doing a bunny hop. Keep doing this trick until the trick meter gets a x5 multiplier.

“CycloManiacs” is a bike racing game that gamers can play in their browsers. The game features 20 different bikes and riders that the player can unlock. There are also 26 different tracks and 70 achievements to win.