What Is a Cheat Code for “Boom Boom Volleyball?”

The only cheat code for “Boom Boom Volleyball” is to type in “getumout”in the password box when trying to enter into topless mode. This cheat code does not change the gameplay of the game but causes the two girls playing volleyball, Candy and Missy, to play topless. There are no other cheat codes for this game.

“Boom Boom Volleyball” is a flash game that is played in any Web browser. The main difference between “Boom Boom Volleyball” and traditional volleyball games is that the ball that the two girls are using is really a bomb. The other major draw to this game is the topless mode, but this is a mode that is located with a cheat code to keep little kids from accessing it. Unfortunately, the code is posted all over the Internet, so this game is generally referred to as an adult game.

Since “Boom Boom Volleyball” was released as a flash game, it has received pretty high reviews. The controls for the game are pretty easy to master, and the gameplay is slightly addicting. The developer of this game is Mohsye. This is the same developer that has made other games such as “Mind Tree,” “Sewer Run 2” and “Boom Boom.”