What Is a Cheaper Substitute for Kahlua?

A cheaper alternative to Kahlua is another coffee liqueur, Kamora. As of October 2014, a 1.75-liter bottle of Kahlua can cost nearly 34 dollars. By contrast, a bottle of Kamora of the same size only costs 20 dollars.

Kamora is produced in Mexico. It is made from fresh brewed coffee, and it contains 26.5 percent alcohol per 1-ounce serving (53 proof). Kamora is featured in several recipes. A Toasted Sunrise is two parts Kamora, one part Amaretto, and three parts whole milk; it is garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon. A White Night Over Seattle is one part Kamora, one part Creme de Cocoa, and 1 1/2 parts half-and-half; the ingredients are mixed together and served over ice. A TwinBean Tini is two parts Kamora and 1 1/2 parts vanilla vodka; it is shaken over ice and strained into a martini glass.