How Do I Chat on Hotmail?

Use your Outlook inbox to chat using your Hotmail address. Microsoft ended messenger support in 2013 and moved its users to Skype. Signing in to Outlook provides a way to chat in your Web browser without having to download the Skype messenger.

  1. Open a Web browser

    Open your Web browser, and navigate to the Outlook website. If you type in the Hotmail URL, the browser automatically routes you to Outlook, as Microsoft integrated its Live and Hotmail services with Outlook in 2013.

  2. Sign in to your account

    Use your Hotmail email address to sign in to your account. Type your password, and press Enter. You also have the option to create an Outlook address; however, doing so does not transfer your Hotmail information.

  3. Locate the chat box

    Click your username in the upper-right corner of the page. Select Available or Invisible as your current status. You can also access your profile and account information. Next, click the smile messenger icon to reveal your contact list.

  4. Chat with a contact

    Click a contact in your list to open the text box and the chat dialog box. Type your message in the text field, and press Enter. To end the chat, close the tab or your browser.