Where Is a Chart That Shows Military Medals in Order?

Daniel Garz?n Herazo / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

HomeofHeroes.com offers a chart of U.S. Military medals in order of precedence. Medals of America and the American War Library offer lists of military medals at their websites, also in order of precedence.

HomeofHeroes.com arranges its chart with equivalent medals for each branch of service in a single row of the chart. The chart goes from the highest honor available to a service member to the lowest honor available.

Medals of America breaks its lists out into three categories, Army Medals of Honor, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Medals of Honor, and Air Force Medals of Honor. Each category is listed from highest honor to lowest honor.

The American War Library offers links to separate lists for each branch of service, also listed from highest honor to lowest honor. Alongside each honor is a link to issue regulations.