What is charismatic leadership?


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Charismatic leadership is the process of encouraging certain behaviors in others via force of personality, persuasion and eloquent communication. Charismatic leaders inspire their followers to do things or to do things better; this is done by conjuring up enthusiasm in others for a stated vision or goal.

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What is charismatic leadership?
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According to Psychology Today, most political leaders learn to communicate charismatically. While some have more talent for it than others, charismatic leadership can be developed through practice. Charismatic leaders often take on a role as an ideal member of the group he or she is leading. This adds power to the motivational techniques since they actually do what they advise others to do. The appearance of hypocrisy undermines even the most persuasive speech.

Accorsing to both Inc. magazine and Psychology Today, there are dangers inherent in the charismatic approach. Charisma is addictive, as it produces positive regard and reactions in others. This sometimes leads to charismatic leaders using charisma for its own sake rather than to accomplish a goal. It also sometimes leads to over-dependence on the leader in an organization, as they attract so much attention that other aspects of an organization are neglected. Both of these have the potential to be counter-productive, turning the strength of charisma into a weakness.

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