Who Are the Characters of “Wedding Dance” by Amador Daguio?

Cultura RM/Christin Rose/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

The characters in Daguio’s short story, “Wedding Dance,” are a man, Awiyao, and his wife, Lumnay. The story begins during the final moments of their marriage, because Awiyao has left his childless wife to marry another woman, hoping that the new wife bears his children.

Though Awiyao and Lumnay are clearly in love, the husband believes that he is less of a man in their culture because he has no children to carry on his line. To earn the respect of his peers, Awiyao thinks his only option is to father children with someone else. He encourages Lumnay to take another husband, but she has no interest. The two agree that, if they both remain childless, they will eventually reunite.