What Are Characteristics of a Well-Adjusted Person?

Some characteristics of a well-adjusted person include high self-esteem, contentment, a realistic view of the world, emotional stability and independence. Other characteristics include an ability to conduct self-appraisals, responsibility and social stability.

A well-adjusted person understands his position in the world and readily accepts the responsibilities that come with it. Adjustment develops over time and is highly dependent on a person’s upbringing and also on life experiences.

A well-adjusted person knows how to deal with life’s challenges without compromising on the quality of his life. He also knows his strengths and is constantly working towards improving on his weaknesses, which results in high self-esteem. A well-adjusted person knows how to conduct realistic self-appraisals, taking account of where he has failed and where he has succeeded. This helps in the creation of realistic goals that help him reach his full potential.

A well-adjusted person is self-driven, has a good work-life balance, and is motivated to achieve personal goals. Another characteristic of a well-adjusted person is a commitment to relationships, career and business. A well-adjusted person takes responsibilities seriously and does not commit to things he cannot complete. He is emotionally stable and can control anger and other emotions well. Overall, the well-adjusted person is characterized as happy.