What Are Some Characteristics of Misogynist Behavior?

Misogynistic behavior includes intimidating or humiliating a woman, destroying a woman’s self-confidence in order to control her, or blaming a woman for personal failings. Less obvious characteristics of misogynistic behavior are the “knight in shining armor” attitude, where one targets a woman to “save,” or demonstrating a possessiveness that demands all of a woman’s time or attention. In a larger sense, misogynistic behavior manifests as sexual discrimination or objectification or as violence against women.

Misogynistic behavior tends to develop early in life, and the misogynist may not even be aware of his subconscious attitudes. Often, it stems from a trauma suffered at the hands of a negligent or abusive, but trusted, female figure. If this trauma is left untreated, misogynistic tendencies grow until they become full-fledged, ingrained behaviors. Some argue that misogynistic behaviors are a result of a patriarchal social structure.

A misogynist, who exhibits a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, is often rude one moment, charming the next. He treats a woman well in public and humiliates her in private. The misogynist may intimidate a woman by constant fault-finding, or he may treat her exactly opposite of how he knows she would like to be treated. He makes promises to a woman and doesn’t keep them or arrives late for appointments.