What Are Characteristics of Judaism?

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Judaism is a monotheistic faith, which means members believe in only one god. Judaism teaches that all humans were created in the image of God and that God intends to send a person to remedy the ills of the world. The Torah is the reference text of Judaism.

The god of Judaism has a unique relationship with each Jew. Some pray to maintain a connection, others acknowledge God’s presence in everything around them and some Jewish people do both. The overall perception is that the traits and abilities of God are beyond human comprehension. Judaism teaches that every human is equally important because each person is created in God’s image, and any human is capable of great works because of that.

Judaism also teaches that God is to send the Messiah, a descendant from Israel’s King David, to bring peace and unity to the world. Jewish people hold varying views regarding the nation of Israel. Some Jews maintain that the land is a part of a covenant made between God and ancient Jews, while others do not agree with the modern-day politics of the country. Jewish people are more agreed regarding the Torah, also known to Christians as the Old Testament. All Jews consider it to be the most important text of the religion and believe in adhering to the 10 commandments the text contains.