What Are Characteristics of Adulthood?

There are several defining characterisations of adulthood, including independence, self-discovery and management of a person’s life. Even though some people do not experience all of the common characterisations, most people do look forward to the independence they attain upon leaving their childhood home.

For most people, the independence they get once they leave home is the most important characteristic of becoming an adult. When adults have the ability to take care of each portion of their lives, this allows them to discover who they is. However, most people make common mistakes such as forgetting about bills or forgetting to plan for the future. Aside from the freedom that most people seek, there are also other parts of becoming an adult. One part is discovering who they are as a people, which is separate from their parents. Another characteristic is the ability to manage individual parts of life, such as choosing the furniture for their home, picking out each type of food they prepare and choosing to stay up or going to bed when they feel like it. These simple actions separate children from adults, because once the novelty of staying up late wears off, most adults create a schedule that works best for their needs.