What Are the Chapter Page Numbers of the Book “Of Mice and Men”?

The chapters in John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” are not traditionally numbered, and the page numbers vary between different publications of the book. However, in the Penguin edition, the first chapter begins on the first page and ends on page 16. The second chapter begins on page 17 and ends on page 37. The third chapter begins on page 38 and ends on page 65.

The fourth chapter begins on page 66 and ends on page 83. The fifth chapter begins on page 84 and ends on page 98. The sixth and final chapter begins on page 99 and ends on page 107.

Steinbeck’s novel tells the story of the small and quick George and the enormous and slow Lennie, an unlikely pair who have formed a close bond working as laborers in California’s dusty vegetable fields. As a makeshift family, George looks out for Lennie, a strong, hard worker who cannot fully take care of himself due to a mental disability. They form a plan together to escape from poverty and claim a piece of land for themselves. However, when a flirtatious woman enters into the story, the plan goes awry, leading to tragic consequences for all of the main characters.