What Channels Are Included With Rogers Basic Cable?

As of July 2015, the Rogers basic cable package includes a minimum of 180 channels, including a variety of news, music, family, sports and entertainment programs. These channels are a mix of network TV and specialty channels.

The Rogers basic cable package costs $40.48 per month and offers a variety of local, U.S. and French channels, including TV5 and Radio-Canada, as of July 2015. Some of the channels offered through the basic cable package are location specific and vary depending on the user’s service area. The news channels offered by the basic cable package include CBS news and the Weather Network, while the lifestyle channels include the Oprah Winfrey Network, Zoomer Television and YesTV. The package includes 12 radio stations and two music channels. Other channels offered through the basic cable package include the NFL Network, HDTV, GameTV, the Comedy Network and Daystar education channel.

Rogers basic cable requires additional installation and activation fees as well as the purchase or rental of a digital cable box. Customers can also add selected specialty channels to their packages for an additional monthly fee. Rogers offers five other cable packages: Plus, Extra Plus, VIP, VIP Ultimate with TMN and VIP Ultimate with Super Channel. Each of these packages offers specialty sports, family and movie channels.