How Do You Change the Transmission Fluid in a Forklift?

Change the transmission fluid in a forklift by running the engine until it is warm and placing a pain underneath the forklift. Remove the drain plug from the transmission drain pan, drain the old fluid and replace it with new transmission oil or fluid. Consult the owner’s manual to select the proper type for the specific model.

Generally, the transmission fluid in a forklift should be changed every 600 hours. At the same time, check the brake fluid, hydraulic pump fluid and drain the fluid from the water separator, if applicable.

  1. Place the drain pan
  2. Place the drain pan under the forklift.

  3. Turn the engine on
  4. Run the forklift’s engine for a few minutes to heat up the transmission oil.

  5. Remove the drain plug
  6. Remove the drain plug from the transmission oil pan using the appropriate-sized wrench. Remove the plug and allow the oil to drain.

  7. Inspect the drain plug
  8. As the oil drains, inspect the drain plug to look for signs of wear or damage. .

  9. Replace the plug
  10. After the oil drains, replace the drain plug. If worn or damaged, replace with a new one.

  11. Remove the filter
  12. Place the drain pan under the transmission filter and remove the filter using an oil filter wrench.

  13. Put oil around the filter seal
  14. Place a little oil around the rubber seal of the filter.

  15. Replace the filter
  16. Replace the oil filter tightening just until the rubber seal makes contact. Turn the filter another half turn.

  17. Refill the engine
  18. Refill the engine with transmission oil or fluid, depending on the model. Dispose of the old oil in accordance with state and local laws.

  19. Check for leaks
  20. Run the forklift for a few minutes and check for leaks. Check it again after one hour.