How Do I Change the Time on My JVC Car Stereo?

The time can be changed on a JVC car stereo by powering up the stereo, adjusting both the hours and minutes as needed, and selecting a.m. or p.m. on the display. After finding the locations of different buttons and settings, adjusting the time is a straightforward process.

First, make sure the JVC stereo system is on by pressing the power button in the upper left-hand corner. To adjust the hours and minutes, locate the AV menu button, which is typically located on top of the stereo. This button brings up a menu, and users can press “enter” on the “setting options” selection menu. Now, the up and down arrows can be used to adjust the hours to the correct time. After hitting “enter,” users must use the same arrows keys to select the correct minutes and then hit “enter” once more. Finally, users input whether the current time is a.m. or p.m. and then hit “enter” for the final time.

As with most electronic processes, it may take time and practice before adjusting the time becomes natural for the user. Fortunately, most JVC car stereo systems are similar, so learning this method may help make it easier to operate any future JVC stereos the user purchases.