How Do You Change a Thermostat in a Dodge Stratus?

Thermostats in four and six-cylinder Dodge Stratuses are changed by removing the radiator hose and replacing the old thermostat with a new one. It should then be set in place with the protruding pin sticking outward. Lastly, the thermostat intake housing gasket and radiator hose should be bolted back in place, and radiator fluid should be replaced as needed.

To change a thermostat in a four-cylinder Dodge Stratus, you need a screwdriver and wrench. Start by removing the radiator hose from the thermostat intake hose. To do this, loosen the band clamp. There are two bolts that secure the housing to the intake manifold. Remove the bolts to lift the housing off the intake. Next, lift the old thermostat out of the intake manifold, and replace it with the new thermostat. The side of the thermostat with the pin protruding sticks out of the intake manifold. Replace the thermostat intake housing gasket and bolt into place. Finish by reconnecting the radiator hose.

For a six-cylinder engine, drain the radiator fluid by loosening the petcock on the lower right hand side, then close it back up. Remove the radiator hose from the lower thermostat outlet by loosening the band clamp. Pull the thermostat outlet off the block, discarding the two bolts that secured it along with the O-ring. Replace the old thermostat with the new one, and just like the four-cylinder engine, the end with the pin should protrude from the engine block. Secure into place, and reattach the radiator hose before refilling it with fluid. Always make sure the vehicle is in park and the parking brake is applied.