How Do I Change the Sand in My Hayward Sand Filter?

Change the sand in a Hayward sand filter by washing the old sand through the drain plug using a garden hose and then replacing it with 300 pounds of 20-mesh swimming pool filter sand. Replace the sand every three to five years.

  1. Disconnect the power

    Replacing the sand requires working around water and electricity. Disconnect the pump from the power supply for safety.

  2. Open the filter

    Open the filter according to its style and manufacturer specifications.

  3. Remove the winterizing valve

    This drain plug is located at the bottom of the filter. Unscrew the plug to allow the water to drain from the pump.

  4. Wash the sand from the filter

    Use a garden hose to wash the sand from the filter housing. Continue spraying inside the housing until all the sand is gone.

  5. Inspect the filter

    Check the plumbing inside the filter. Replace any broken laterals. Replace the drain plug, and fill the tank halfway with water.

  6. Replace the sand

    Read the label to determine the amount of sand to add. Pour the sand into the filter. Replace the valve, and attach the plumbing.

  7. Start the filter

    After replacing the filter, start the pump in the backwash mode. This removes any dust from the filter and allows the sand to settle correctly.