How Do You Change the Region Code for Xbox 360 Games?

It is illegal to change the region code on Xbox 360 games. However, it is possible to change the region code on the Xbox console itself.

Xbox games are coded according to region. A game that is manufactured and sold in Europe, for example, will not operate in an Xbox sold in the United States, and vice versa. There are three main regions: NTSC-U/C is the United States and Canada, NTSC-J is Asia, and PAL is Europe and Australia.

The Internet abounds with advice from gamers about how to change region codes on individual games, although this is illegal and could potentially damage a game. By changing settings on the Xbox console, it is possible to match the console’s region code to the game’s.

Under “Settings,” the user should go to “System,” then “Console Settings,” then “Language and Locale” and select “Locale.” At this point, a drop-down list of countries should appear, allowing the user to select any country around the world.

If there is no option to change the Locale, the user may need to exit this menu, go to “Family,” enter the system’s password, and change Content Controls to “Off.” Now, Locale will be unlocked, allowing the user to change his or her country.

Xbox also allows users to change the region of an Xbox Live account, by signing in on the “Account Migration” page. The migration will not affect any part of the user’s profile, such as achievements or friends.