How Do You Change the Oil on a Generac Generator?

To change the oil on a Generac generator, use a socket wrench to disconnect the drain plug and drain the old oil. Then, refill with new oil.

To drain and refill oil on a Generac generator:

  1. Warm the oil
  2. The oil drains more easily when it has been warmed, but the generator needs to be turned off to change the oil. Run the generator for just a few minutes, then turn it off and allow it to cool before draining the oil.
  3. Place the oil drain pan
  4. Place an oil drain pan underneath the generator to catch the old oil as it drains.
  5. Remove the dipstick
  6. Unscrew and remove the dipstick.
  7. Remove the drain plug
  8. Use a socket wrench to remove the drain plug and let the oil drain out. Use the drain pan to collect the oil.
  9. Reattach the drain plug
  10. After all of the oil has drained out, reinstall the drain plug with a socket wrench.
  11. Refill the oil
  12. Refill with an oil recommended in the owner’s manual and use a funnel to add in the new oil. Fill the oil until it reaches the bottom of the threads in the oil fill tube.
  13. Reinstall the oil dipstick
  14. Screw in the oil dipstick.
  15. Turn on the generator
  16. Turn on the generator to check for any leaks.