How Do I Change the Fuel Filter on a Kia Sportage?

To change the fuel filter on a Kia Sportage, disconnect the fuel lines, and replace the old filter with a new filter. You need a floor jack, jack stands, open-end wrenches and a new filter.

  1. Disable the fuel pump

    Use the floor jack to lift the front end of the vehicle on jack stands. Locate the vehicle’s fuse box. Refer to the Kia Sportage manual to determine where the fuel pump fuse is located in the fuse box. Once you have located the fuse, remove it. Start the vehicle’s engine, and allow all excess fuel to drain from the fuel lines. Turn off the engine.

  2. Disconnect the fuel lines

    Locate the intake line and the outtake line on the fuel filter. Determine which open-end wrench matches the size of the fittings on each fuel line. Use the wrench to remove the outtake line first, then remove the intake line.

  3. Change the filter

    Disconnect the attachment around the old filter, and remove it. Attach the new filter, and reattach the intake and outtake lines. Make sure that the attachment around the filter and the fittings connected to the fuel lines are secure. Return the fuel pump fuse to the fuse box. Start the engine, and inspect the new filter for leaks. Use the floor jack to lift the vehicle off of the jack stands safely.