How Do You Change the Font Size in Windows 7?

To change the font size in Windows 7, modify the size scaling through the Appearance and Personalization section of the Control Panel or create a custom scale if the preset options donメt suit your needs. Alternatively, lower the screen resolution to increase the size of every element, including fonts.

To modify the font scaling, access the Appearance and Personalization by clicking on the Start button, selecting the Control Panel option and clicking on the Appearance and Personalization link. Click on the Display link, select the desired option, and click Apply. To get the changes to apply, close all programs, log off, and log back on to Windows 7.

To create a custom scale, click on the Set Custom Text Size link in the navigation menu in the Display section, and enter a desired value in the appropriate field. Alternatively, use the mouse pointer to drag the scale left and right until you find the desired scale. Check the box next to the Windows XP Style DPI Scaling option to avoid blurry text in programs that donメt support high DPI scaling, and click OK.

To modify the font size by changing the resolution, click on the Adjust Resolution link in the Display section, and select the desired resolution from the drop-down menu. If youメre using an LCD or an LED monitor, selecting any resolution option other than the default can result in blurry text.