How Do I Change the Combination on a Bunker Hill Safe?

To change the combination on a Bunker Hill safe, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the product manual. The actual steps for changing a combination may vary by model.

Adjusting the combination on a Bunker Hill Security electronic digital safe model 45891 involves resetting the existing combination. On the electronic keypad, enter the current code, and press the A or B key. Wait until the green light turns on, turn the knob within five seconds, and open the door. Press the small red button inside the safe near the door hinge. Continue to press the button until a yellow light shines on the front of the safe. Using the keypad, enter a new combination containing up to eight characters. Press the A or B key. When the safe beeps two times, the new code is in effect.

The Bunker Hill Security digital floor safe model 91006 follows the same reset process but opens differently. After entering the code and waiting for the green light, turn the knob clockwise, turn the handle clockwise, then open the door. Alternatively, open the safe with a key by removing the manual lock cover. Insert the key, and turn it counter-clockwise. Turn the knob and handle, and open the door. Press the red reset button, and enter a new combination.