How Do I Change the Code on a Combination Padlock?

To change the code on a combination padlock, turn the top half 180 degrees to the left, press down until it clicks, turn the dial to set the new combination, turn the top half of the lock 180 degrees to the right and close the lock. This 10-minute process requires no supplies except the lock.

  1. Turn the top to the left

    Turn the top of the padlock to the left. If you encounter resistance, wiggle the top section slightly and try again. Do not force the lock into this position because doing so harms the interior mechanism.

  2. Press down

    Press down on the top of the lock. Listen for the faint clicking noise indicating that the lock is ready for resetting.

  3. Turn the tumbler

    While you press down on the top of the lock, set the new combination by turning the tumbler as if you were opening the padlock. After you enter the code, release the top of the lock, turn it 180 degrees to the right and push it down into the bottom half.

  4. Test the new combination

    Enter the new combination and pull the lock apart. If the lock does not open, input the old combination and repeat the reset procedure.