How Do I Change the Clock on My Pioneer Car Stereo?

Change the time on the clock on your Pioneer car stereo using a sequence of buttons. The process is simple to do and requires just a few minutes to complete.

  1. Locate the Source button and press it

    Locate the Source button. Press and hold this button until the car stereo shuts off.

  2. Press the Source button again

    Press and hold the Source button a second time until the unit turns back on and the clock appears. If your Pioneer car stereo does not have a Source button, press and hold the Function or Audio button instead.

  3. Use the arrow keys to choose a segment of time

    Use the left or right arrow keys to choose the segment of time you want to change.

  4. Use the up or down arrow keys to change the time

    Change the time to your desired setting by using the up or down arrows.

  5. Press the Source button again to complete the process

    Press the Source button at the end of the process to complete the change and save the new setting.