How Do I Change My Child’s School?

For a child to legally change schools, he must be cleared to do so from his existing school. Generally, notification to change schools must be made in writing to the principal or superintendent. It is only after the school has received written notification that the child can start classes in his new school.

If a child plans on attending a new public school, he must live within the boundaries of that school’s municipality. A parent cannot transfer his child into another school district if he does not live in the district. While this rule is pertinent to the public school system, it is irrelevant if the child plans on attending a private school. For a child to attend a private school, he does not have to live in that school’s district. Also, proof of residency, vaccinations and school transcripts are necessary before a child can transfer to a new school

Before making the decision to enroll a student in a new school, the parents need to set up a meeting with administration to discuss the reason for the child’s transfer. It is also a good idea for the prospective student to tour the new school to become familiar with the layout and meet his teachers. Touring the school before the first day helps relieve “new school” anxiety and reduces the risk of getting to class late on the first day of school.