How Do I Change the Battery in a Logitech Wireless Mouse?

To change the battery in a Logitech wireless mouse, find the battery door release button that opens the battery door and allows access to the batteries inside. The battery door release button is located on the bottom of the mouse. Ensure you have the correct batteries for your Logitech model.

  1. Find the battery door release button

    Flip your mouse over, and take a look at the bottom. In addition to the optical laser and on/off switch, locate a small sliding button just big enough to fit your thumb into. You should also see a small battery icon with an arrow pointing in the direction you need to slide the button.

  2. Open the battery door

    Once you slide the button in the direction indicated, your mouse’s battery door springs open. Remove the door to get to the battery. Some models have a battery release ribbon, while others only expose the positive side of the battery. Whichever design you have, simply remove the battery, and replace it with a new one.

  3. Make sure you have the right batteries

    Small electronic devices like your wireless mouse have different power needs than larger devices. Most battery manufacturers make batteries specific to small electronics. Rechargeable batteries are also available.