How Do I Change the Bass on a 321 Bose?

Change the bass on the Bose 321 Home Entertainment System using the Bass Compensation option in the Settings menu. According to Bose, the placement of the Acoustimass module affects how much bass you hear. Place the module close to a corner to increase the bass, or keep it far from corners to reduce the overall bass in the room.

  1. Turn on the TV

    Turn on the TV, and select the input source that displays the Bose options. Press Settings on your remote control to access the available settings for the input source.

  2. Navigate the settings

    Use the Tune down button on your remote control to scroll down the list. Select Audio Setup from the menu options. Press Enter to display the audio settings for the current input source.

  3. Adjust the bass

    Press the Tune down button, and select Bass Compensation at the bottom of the list. Highlight the option, and press the Seek forward or back buttons to adjust the values. Listen to the difference, and set the value to an appropriate level. If the bass overwhelms the treble, lower the value, or use the Treble Compensation option to increase the treble. Press the Settings button to exit the menu.