What Does the Chalice Symbolize?

A chalice, which is a goblet-shaped wine glass, has long been a symbol of the Christian church. It symbolizes the glass from which Jesus Christ drank with his disciples during the Last Supper. It is also viewed as a symbol of Christ’s power to redeem humankind, according to Faithology.com.

The original chalice from which Christ apparently drank is known as the Holy Grail, and though it has never been unquestionably identified, many chalices have been suspected to be the Holy Grail. Typically, chalices used and honored by the Christian church are made from gold or silver and adorned with jewels. During communion, a ceremony in which it is customary for Christians to consume wine, the wine is traditionally sipped from a chalice, though some denominations prefer to dip bread into the wine in a chalice rather than sip directly from the cup. The chalice is often seen on church altars or table linens.

A chalice with an x-shaped cross on its front is a symbol of the Christian Church. According to the Disciples of Christ, the chalice itself symbolizes the central place of communion and worship, while the cross reminds members of the disciple Andrew and the importance of evangelism.