What Does the Celtic Knot Symbolize?

The Celtic knot, which is sometimes referred to as the mystic or endless knot, is a symbol that represents the interconnection of all things and the continuous cycle of existence that is created from this connection. There are many versions of the Celtic knot, and each has its own meaning. For example, the Celtic heart knot symbolizes the connection between people.

The Celtic knot also has a less spiritual meaning. This meaning is related to the endless nature or infinite path of the knot. When viewed in this light, the Celtic knot often represents an uninterrupted life cycle or a never-ending love for someone. This is why the Celtic knot is featured on clothing and jewelry and has been used throughout history. According to ancient means, gifts engraved with the Celtic knot represent the best wishes and longevity that the giver sends to the receiver. It sometimes also represents giving someone good luck in their new endeavors.

The Celtic knot symbol is tracked all the way to the 7th century. The symbol is located in many pieces of art, often in the borders that fill up empty space. One example of this is on the famous “Book of Kells.” The modern Christian Celtic knot that many people know got its start from Pagan traditions. The animal designs that often accompany Celtic knots come from Saxon traditions.