Why Does My CD Player Keep Skipping?

The most common cause for CD players to skip is dirty CDs. Other issues that can cause the problem include scratched CDs, badly made CDs, dirty drives and faulty drives.

Most skipping CD players are caused by dirty CDs. The solution is to clean the CD, usually with a CD wipe, although a solution of mild soap and water does the same job. The CD should be dried with a lint-free cloth, and all rubbing should be done from the center of the CD out, not around. There are several other main causes of a skipping CD player, too.

  • Dirty drive – in addition to dirty CDs, dirty CD drives can also cause skipping. This can be caused by dust or dirt.
  • Bad copies – if the CD is a copy, the skipping could be caused by errors on the disc.
  • Scratches – a scratched CD can also skip. It is possible to buy repair kits for scratched CDs but it is also possible to use everyday household items. This includes furniture polish and toothpaste. The substance should be rubbed on to the CD and then removed.
  • Damaged drive – the final cause of a skipping CD is a damaged drive. The most common solution in this situation is to replace the drive.